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Why The Lean Six Sigma Method Is More Effective For Quality Training
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Why The Lean Six Sigma Method Is More Effective For Quality Training

Lean Six Sigma identifies and corrects inefficiency and resource waste. The system increases revenue and decreases costs.

Business owners understand the need to limit expenditures and use resources more efficiently. They don’t want to sacrifice customer satisfaction nor the quality of their products and services. Lean Six Sigma helps businesses by streamlining processes and maximizing money spent on production.

What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of the two most powerful improvement methods used by companies. While each has its own unique system, both complement each other and are easily aligned with ISO 9001 guidelines, and these methods help your team solve inconsistencies faster and accelerate production and effectiveness.

Lean Methodology – This system focuses on reducing waste while still delivering high-quality products and services to the consumer. The primary component is waste reduction. There is a cultural component to this method. Executives must implement a company culture that fits with the system.

Six Sigma – This system focuses on solving problems and improving the overall quality of the product or service. Efficiency also is a primary component in Six Sigma methodology. Managers use this solution to analyze statistics and monitor changes to identify problems more quickly.

Increase Profits By Streamlining Business Processes

Inefficient business processes hurt productivity and employee dedication. When the manufacturing lines slow down and employees lose interest in their jobs – profit quickly turns downhill. One of the best ways to prevent this type of profit loss is to use Lean Six Sigma quality methods.

Lean Six Sigma takes a chaotic system and realigns it to flow smoother. These methods filter out redundancies, ineffective steps, and unimportant guidelines. In other words, the system allows your company to do more with fewer resources.

Decrease Costs By Reducing Waste And Maximizing Resource Utilization

Taking the efficiency benefits from above, Lean Six Sigma not only increases your profits, it reduces costs associated with poor quality work and inefficient strategies. The first area improved is resource management. Lean methods promote a culture that advocates proper resource utilization including production materials, employee time, etc.

Six Sigma evaluates statistics to determine what caused the problem. Analysts then look for processes where resource usage isn’t required for manufacturing a product or defects caused by nonadherence to guidelines. Together, both systems enable you to correct issues costing your company more than it should.

Encourage Accountability And Dedication To The Company

Lean Six Sigma creates an environment conducive to a sense of ownership and accountability for your employees. It increases their effectiveness and ensures product quality. This company culture isn’t often noticed by managers who implement the methodology, but it’s main advantages dramatically increase continued success at your company.

Qualaco, Inc. assists companies with aligning their company with ISO guidelines. Learn more about how we can improve your company’s quality.

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2017 Training Calendar
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2017 Training Calendar

Qualaco training provides your Organization with the tools needed to implement and maintain your Quality, Environmental, and/or Safety Management System. Our Trainers are not just Auditors, they have over 50 years of combined experience in implementations for Quality, Environmental, and Safety Programs.  Bringing real life situations into the classroom provides a much more beneficial and rewarding training for those taking the courses.  Trainings are offered in a public setting or at your facility.  For information on having performed at your facility, please email Marie Giordano at  To see our current course offerings starting in June, visit our Training Page.

Qualaco is a partner of PECB.  PECB certifies training courses based on the ISO/IEC 17065 standard.  PECB assesses not only the quality of the content of the training course, but also the processes that supports it, such as the qualifications of the training developers, the validity and effectiveness of the training methodology and the course material update process.

A PECB certified training course is a guarantee that a training course has been independently evaluated and that it fulfills world-class requirements.

Training calendar of events is here:

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