3 Things That Set The Best Management Consulting Firms Apart
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3 Things That Set The Best Management Consulting Firms Apart

Quality management consulting firms must customize their services to meet each client’s objectives. There are no one-size-fits-all quality assurance programs.

Every company needs to implement a quality management system with a solid foundation. This mean training your team to understand the latest ISO requirements and explaining your expectations. Training comes from the certified individual managing all aspects of your quality objectives. What if you don’t have someone who is certified or are starting out for the first time? Then it’s time to consider a consultant.

Quality management consultants offer three primary services: setting up QA programs for the first time, analyzing current programs, and advising executives about areas of improvement. Often they will train team members and provide ongoing guidance. Many corporations that want to outsource their quality programs will hire quality management firms. Here are three areas that set the firms apart.

Consultation Firms Should Be Flexible But Disciplined

Looking for great advice and a consultant to help revamp your quality management program should start with the firm’s ability to customize services. The firm’s consultants should demonstrate an ability to adapt to new projects, work cultures and colleagues. Each advisor should know ISO guidelines, state and federal laws governing quality, and industry norms. They also should understand your individual market and how to align the QA process with your company’s objectives.

Firms Should Show Confidence In Their Experience And Knowledge

No one should work with a consulting firm that fails to promote their values, skills, expertise, knowledge, and abilities upfront. If a company isn’t proud of its accomplishments, you should see a red flag with a bull’s eye target. On the other hand, a firm shouldn’t act like it has experts who know everything. Great QA consulting is a lifelong training experience. Great consultants never stop learning. They need to stay on top of the developments in their fields of expertise.

Great Consultants Are Innovative And See The Big Picture

Innovation is the key to competition. If businesses can’t come up with new, fresh ideas, other companies will run them over in the market. Your consultant needs to operate in the same fashion. Look for an advisor who acts like a Swiss Army knife. Those gadgets could be used for anything from getting food out of your teeth to building a birdhouse. Look for consultants who use skills and knowledge from previous projects to solve new problems and challenges.

Qualaco, Inc. assists companies with aligning their company with ISO guidelines. Learn more about how we can improve your company’s quality.

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Improving Total Quality Management By Improving Communications
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Improving Total Quality Management By Improving Communications

Communication is a key element to every business, especially when it comes to total quality management.

Business leaders constantly strive to improve their operations and services. One of the best tactics is total quality management (TQM). TQM takes a big picture approach and covers all critical areas of improvement. This system requires all team members to act responsibly and join the quality management elements.

The only way to implement TQM across all business units is through effective communication. Without conveying your message and expectations to each employer, the project fails before it even starts. There are several organizational communication methods including downward and upward communication. Melding the three strategies yield the best results.

Dominant Communication Comes From The Top

Executives are aware of the top-down approach to communications. This downward method communicates the company’s expectations, SOP, TQM strategy, and other critical operational goals. While top-down communication works well for these purposes, they don’t allow for feedback or questions.

Managers who use this formula should expect some misunderstanding unless a conversational session is included. Prevent miscommunication by detailing expectations in writing and training employees to understand protocol. Another element to this type of communication is monthly newsletters, memos, and updates to SOP manuals. They key is detail.

Upward Communication Provides Employees The Chance To Give Feedback

As with all one-sided communication, the downward approach lacks sustenance. Upward communication provides a more equitable conversation. This process allows employees to provide feedback and tell you what works or what doesn’t work. Upward communication is crucial because many upper-level managers cannot spend hours walking the floor and determining whether objectives are met.

The problem with this type of communication is information overload. When a company opens the doors to feedback, employees will communicate every problem they experience. This may seem helpful to the team, but it only adds more work for managers. Inform your team that feedback should stay within prescribed topics and minor problems should be addressed by floor supervisors.

Qualaco, Inc. assists companies with aligning their company with ISO guidelines. Learn more about how we can improve your company’s quality.

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Understanding The 8 Core Elements Of Total Quality Management
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Understanding The 8 Core Elements Of Total Quality Management

Quality management starts with the eight core elements of total quality management.

Building a brand that consumers will trust starts with Total Quality Management (TQM). This approach started in the early 1950s and has since become the cornerstone of quality management. Total quality is defined as the company’s culture, attitude, and organization. TQM defines the company’s commitment to provide customers with products and services that satisfy their needs.

TQM is divided into eight core elements:


Most quality managers describe the system as a house with a foundation, building blocks, mortar, and roof. Each part of the “house” represents at least one TQM element.

Build A Foundation With Ethics, Integrity, And Trust

Just like the strong foundation that supports the house, ethics, integrity, and trust builds the foundation for corporations. This aspect of TQM fosters openness with consumers, equity among teams, and dedication to do the right thing.

Foundation of TQM


Using The Building Blocks Of Training, Teamwork, And Leadership.

Once a foundation is laid, construction on the actual house starts with the building materials. We use these materials to reach the finishing point. This is where training your team, fostering team work, and focusing on leadership rather than management strengthens your foundation.

Building Blocks of TQM

Team Work

Add Mortar To The Building Using Communication

Communication binds everything together. Without good communication, the foundation will sink, and training or team work will suffer. Communication links your teams together in one group. It allows for collaboration, understanding the upcoming changes, and allowing employees to give feedback on how to improve the process.

Raise The Roof By Recognizing Your Team’s Achievements

You’ve laid the foundation, built the house, and sealed it with mortar. The final step is to raise the roof. Recognizing your company’s achievements and team member contributions shows you care about the whole team, not just the management.

Qualaco, Inc. assists companies with aligning their company with ISO guidelines. Learn more about how we can improve your company’s quality.

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Why The Lean Six Sigma Method Is More Effective For Quality Training
Training 21

Why The Lean Six Sigma Method Is More Effective For Quality Training

Lean Six Sigma identifies and corrects inefficiency and resource waste. The system increases revenue and decreases costs.

Business owners understand the need to limit expenditures and use resources more efficiently. They don’t want to sacrifice customer satisfaction nor the quality of their products and services. Lean Six Sigma helps businesses by streamlining processes and maximizing money spent on production.

What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of the two most powerful improvement methods used by companies. While each has its own unique system, both complement each other and are easily aligned with ISO 9001 guidelines, and these methods help your team solve inconsistencies faster and accelerate production and effectiveness.

Lean Methodology – This system focuses on reducing waste while still delivering high-quality products and services to the consumer. The primary component is waste reduction. There is a cultural component to this method. Executives must implement a company culture that fits with the system.

Six Sigma – This system focuses on solving problems and improving the overall quality of the product or service. Efficiency also is a primary component in Six Sigma methodology. Managers use this solution to analyze statistics and monitor changes to identify problems more quickly.

Increase Profits By Streamlining Business Processes

Inefficient business processes hurt productivity and employee dedication. When the manufacturing lines slow down and employees lose interest in their jobs – profit quickly turns downhill. One of the best ways to prevent this type of profit loss is to use Lean Six Sigma quality methods.

Lean Six Sigma takes a chaotic system and realigns it to flow smoother. These methods filter out redundancies, ineffective steps, and unimportant guidelines. In other words, the system allows your company to do more with fewer resources.

Decrease Costs By Reducing Waste And Maximizing Resource Utilization

Taking the efficiency benefits from above, Lean Six Sigma not only increases your profits, it reduces costs associated with poor quality work and inefficient strategies. The first area improved is resource management. Lean methods promote a culture that advocates proper resource utilization including production materials, employee time, etc.

Six Sigma evaluates statistics to determine what caused the problem. Analysts then look for processes where resource usage isn’t required for manufacturing a product or defects caused by nonadherence to guidelines. Together, both systems enable you to correct issues costing your company more than it should.

Encourage Accountability And Dedication To The Company

Lean Six Sigma creates an environment conducive to a sense of ownership and accountability for your employees. It increases their effectiveness and ensures product quality. This company culture isn’t often noticed by managers who implement the methodology, but it’s main advantages dramatically increase continued success at your company.

Qualaco, Inc. assists companies with aligning their company with ISO guidelines. Learn more about how we can improve your company’s quality.

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6 Questions You’ll Need To Answer During An ISO Audit
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6 Questions You’ll Need To Answer During An ISO Audit

Companies should prepare for an ISO audit by considering questions that could potentially harm your business.

Companies periodically conduct audits to determine if employees are following the quality assurance guidelines. This is one of the most important tools to protect your business from legal repercussions and lost revenue, not to mention it is required under the International Standards Organization (ISO) guidelines.

For many businesses – particularly those who have just recently implemented a QA policy, determine what questions to ask is not always easy nor obvious. Here are six questions you should ask during the ISO 9001 audit.

What Are The Company’s Internal And External Success Factors?

This is the starting point for any internal quality audit. These questions determine whether the implement system works or whether the employees are following guidelines. Target these type questions towards the management. Some managers use the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to help identify internal and external success.

What Are The Stakeholder’s Requirements?

Once you’ve determined your success rate, focus on the requirements laid out by interested parties. These include shareholders, debt owners, employees, and consumers. Create a checklist of items you want to evaluate and incorporate them into shorter checkmarks. Just keep in mind to distinguish between actual, non-negotiable requirements and important recommendations.

How Has The Company Resolved Identified Risks And Improved Opportunities?

Risks and opportunities are the foundation of ISO 9001:2015. More than ten sections focus on external success. This also is the most basic evaluation for any audit. Look at the problems you noticed in last year’s audit. Do they still exist? Have they educed at all? These answers will help develop further plans to maximize external resources.

Did The Company’s QA Plan Achieve Its Objectives?

Measurable quality objectives are another strong element of ISO 9001. During the last audit or when the QA program was first implemented, you probably made short and long-term goals. Use those goals as a comparison for what the company’s quality was and whether it’s improved. Review your overall quality program and determine whether it aligns with the required guidelines.

Are The Organization’s Business Processes Aligned With The QMS?

This question helps you determine whether you are using ISO 9001:2015 to help you run the company. Asking your top management this reveals the most important factor – whether the QMS has improved the business. ISO 9001 is moving beyond making sure products or services meet requirements. The new standards focus on managing every aspect of the business.

How Does The Company Capture And Use Knowledge?

The ISO wants business leaders to learn from both their good and bad experiences. Gather information from project debriefs, staff meetings, consumer reviews, etc. Track this information using a database or other means to retain facts and quantifiable data. Determine how the organization learned from these events and how employees improved their performance.

Qualaco, Inc. assists companies with aligning their company with ISO guidelines. Learn more about how we can improve your company’s quality.

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2017 Training Calendar
Training 145

2017 Training Calendar

Qualaco training provides your Organization with the tools needed to implement and maintain your Quality, Environmental, and/or Safety Management System. Our Trainers are not just Auditors, they have over 50 years of combined experience in implementations for Quality, Environmental, and Safety Programs.  Bringing real life situations into the classroom provides a much more beneficial and rewarding training for those taking the courses.  Trainings are offered in a public setting or at your facility.  For information on having performed at your facility, please email Marie Giordano at marie.giordano@qualaco.com.  To see our current course offerings starting in June, visit our Training Page.

Qualaco is a partner of PECB.  PECB certifies training courses based on the ISO/IEC 17065 standard.  PECB assesses not only the quality of the content of the training course, but also the processes that supports it, such as the qualifications of the training developers, the validity and effectiveness of the training methodology and the course material update process.

A PECB certified training course is a guarantee that a training course has been independently evaluated and that it fulfills world-class requirements.

Training calendar of events is here:

2016 | 14001 ISO – 9001 Training | PECB Certificates |  Training | ISO PECB Certification Guaranteed

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Volvo expansion offers opportunity for South Carolina firms
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Volvo expansion offers opportunity for South Carolina firms

Volvo expansion offers opportunity for South Carolina firms
by Amanda Rupp | Friday, May 29, 2015 @ 3:56pm
 2  4  1  19

Volvo plans to start construction its first U.S. factory in Berkeley County, South Carolina, this fall, and new vehicles will be produced by 2018.

Lori Lyerly, TS 16959 manufacturing expert and general manager of consulting management company Qualaco Inc., said Volvo will be sourcing work as it builds the plant in Charleston.

The new facility is an ideal opportunity for people and local businesses to grow economically with the Volvo supply chain. Qualaco, for example, can provide vendors with developing and implementing the practices of the International Organization for Standardization through Qualaco’s personalized, quality training programs. More specifically, ISO/TX 16949, which is a specific standard that explains quality management protocols for producing automotive products, would be a place for Qualaco to start.

Qualaco personalizes its training programs for small and large enterprises. Thanks to these programs, the companies can meet the necessary certification requirements that are essential to selling on the worldwide marketplace. Training for these standards will impact whether a company can produce, profit and benefit from the growing global automotive marketplace.

– See more at: http://palmettobusinessdaily.com/stories/510547159-volvo-expansion-offers-opportunity-for-south-carolina-firms#sthash.7zpgK3eG.dpuf


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Molex Company Certified
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Molex Company Certified

Molex is a successful company by focusing on product quality and Customer satisfaction. Molex wanted to implement a QMS that would add value to the business and bring a true return on investment.”— Lori Lyerly, MBA – Quality ExpertATHENS, ALABAMA, US, October 20, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ — When it comes to ISO certifications, it is very important for companies to adhere to the standards that are set out in front of them. There can be times within the busy world of business that regulations and standards can slip to the wayside. It is very important for companies to stay up to date on all regulations, but at times consulting company must come into play in order to obtain the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO 9001 consulting is available in the market place, but it is important to pick the right company to help with these needs.Qualaco is a great management consulting company that works hand in hand with businesses on their ISO certifications. One company that Qualaco recently assisted Molex Company of Athens, Alabama and Hankamer, Texas. According to Lori Lyerly, “Molex was founded in 1985 and has continued to remain a successful company by focusing on product quality and Customer satisfaction. Molex wanted to implement a Quality Management System that would add value to the business and bring a true return on investment.” With Qualaco’s help, within 6 months Molex was able to achieve certification to ISO 9001:2008. Qualaco was able to assist Molex with their quality assurance, which is the essence of the ISO 9001 Standard. Molex specializes in many different chemicals which requires much quality control to be used during the manufacturing and delivery of these products.Qualaco bases it success on the results that companies like Molex are able to obtain. Qualaco has a great track record of working closely with these companies to bring their organization much more up to speed on the importance and implementation of quality control. Not only does Qualaco focus on ISO 9001 consulting, but they focus as well on documenting quality procedures. Qualaco also focuses on developing quality management systems that can be implemented into any organization, and emphasizes the importance of training individuals within organizations to understand these new quality control procedures. Qualaco works hard to create a quality management system that a company will feel proud to adopt and implement into their organization.Read more here: http://markets.financialcontent.com/mi.miamiherald/news/read/28502512/Qualaco_ushers_Molex_Company_through_ISO_9001#storylink=cpy

Pipe Repair Solutions Company Certified
News 198

Pipe Repair Solutions Company Certified

Pipe Wrap Incorporated joins list of Gulf Coast companies turning to the leader in Certification to ISO 9001:2008.

HOUSTON, TX, October 16, 2014 — Composite repair industry service provider Pipe Wrap Incorporated of Houston, Texas recently achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification with the help of leading business consultants Qualaco, Inc. Using a tailor made ISO QMS training program Qualaco had Pipe Wrap Incorporated personnel ready for ISO certification in four months.

The new system is helping their client’s management team benefit from a newly competitive edge, Qualaco says.

“Pipe Wrap Incorporated is among those globally oriented service providers who recognize the importance of achieving ISO 9001:2008 fluency,” adds Qualaco, Inc. spokesperson Marie Giordano. “ISO certification is a key benchmark in a global economy where business partners choose vendors in a highly competitive marketplace. Certification signifies compliance with recognized standards and practices increasingly dominant in commerce.”

With facilities in Houston and in Littleton, Colorado, Pipe Wrap Incorporated provides the oil & gas industry among others with expertise in structural reinforcement, leak repair and corrosion prevention. Achieving ISO certification was a natural step in the company’s mission to provide customers with state-of-the-art products and service internationally.

“They already understood the benefits of the process and what it would mean for their organization and marketing,” Giordano says. “Their enthusiasm and discipline in mastering our materials was followed up with excellent implementation.”

“We congratulate them on the timeliness with which they were able to put the knowledge gained to profitable use.”

About Qualaco, Inc.
Qualaco,Inc. is a Houston based consulting company dedicated to providing clients in the many business sectors with modern management systems. Qualaco empowers businesses striving to master and profit from the demonstrated value of ISO 9001 certification or other essential International certifications.
Learn more about Qualaco’s services by visiting their website at http://www.qualaco.com or phoning (855) 919-1623.

E-mail :Marie.Giordano@qualaco.com

Pipe Wrap offers durable, high-quality and high-performance pipe repair solutions that make both engineering and economic sense. Experienced Mechanical and Material Engineers restore piping using composite technology in accordance with ASME, ISO and ASTM standards. Pipe Wrap Inc offer’s solutions for structural reinforcement, leak repair as well as corrosion prevention. Pipe Wrap is the only engineering company that offers a wide selection of pipe repair systems that have been extensively tested by reputable laboratories. www.Pipewrap.net


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Extrusion Manufacturer Certified
News 346

Extrusion Manufacturer Certified

New Jersey Extrusion Manufacturer reaches demanding Quality requirement to assure customer satisfaction and continual improvement.The commitment and dedication of management and staff of Extrusion Technik USA,

Inc. coupled with Qualaco’s expertise resulted in a flawless 3rd Party Certification Audit
Somerset NJ – Qualaco, Inc. a leading quality management consulting firm and experts on international standards, assisted Extrusion Technik USA, Inc., manufacturer and exporter of plastic extrusion machinery, to attain certification to ISO 9001:2008.

The six month process concluded with a successful 3rd party assessment of Extrusion Technik’s Quality Management System by TUV, an International Registrar. Extrusion has now earned the right to display the coveted TUV Quality Evaluation and the ISO 9001:2008 logo to demonstrate its achievement of their standards.
“From the start of the project 6 months ago I saw the level of commitment in the entire staff at Extrusion Technik.”, said Lori L Lyerly of Qualaco.

“Throughout development and implementation, management expressed the absolute necessity to involve every employee in the quality program. This commitment aided us and was invaluable in acquiring certification to ISO 9001:2008 in such a short timeframe. It also will guarantee that the organization stays on the path to continual improvement.”

Qualaco’s system for documentation and implementation of a quality management system is the best, bar none. As experts in quality, Qualaco determines what steps need to be taken in order to satisfy the requirements of the standard, and accomplish installing a QMS in the most effective and efficient manner.

Extrusion Technik USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Plastic extrusion machinery in New Jersey. Extrusion Technik USA, Inc. offers a wide range of high-tech and sophisticated single screw extrusion lines suitable for a wide variety of required end product. Custom built extrusion lines are also offered according to particular requirements of the buyer. Extrusion’s scope of certification includes manufacturing, design and assembly of extrusion machinery.

Qualaco, Inc. is a quality management consulting firmh eadquartered in Houston Texas with branch offices in South Carolina & New Jersey. Qualaco implements global quality-management systems built upon international standards that provide guidelines for establishing and implementing quality policies for the company.

Qualaco’s services include, but are not limited to: Development, Documentation, and Implementation for many International recognized quality certifications:ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, TS 16949, API Q1, API Q2, OSHAS 18001, ISO 29001,ASME, Nuclear CFR.