Improving Quality In Manufacturing To Prevent Costly Mistakes

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Prevent costly mistakes by improving your manufacturing quality.

Improving quality is a must for all companies, but manufacturing is one of the most difficult areas to improve without going over budget. Lean manufacturing helps businesses take the guesswork out of improving its products and reduces waste in the process.

Create A Quality First Company Culture

Before managers can resolve any quality problem, they must be committed to improving products. This often means creating a culture that emphasizes quality over cost. Yes, that’s correct. You have to be willing to spend or lose money to provide a high-quality product. This mindset actually saves money in then future by preventing costly mistakes.

If you see a product falling below company standards, don’t be afraid to pull the plug on that day’s results. Shut down the production line and determine why the product isn’t adhering to company policy. This may seem like an inefficient process, but fixing problems helps show the team just how seriously you take the QMS.

Implement A Time-Saving Inspection

While it’s encouraged to stop production when you see a faulty product, you should never inspect all of the items moving down the line. Doing so compromises efficiency, team spirit and morale, and manager resources. Inspecting one-hundred percent of all production isn’t feasible or necessary. Statistics show that most products have the same quality rating.

Teams that already celebrate total quality control cultures will undoubtedly produce high quality work. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore inspections. Schedule random days to investigate the process and determine whether the protocols are followed. Chose one product for each inspection. Rotate company services over several cycles.

Solve Problems Every Day

We all hate having problems. Everyone wants things to run smoothly. This is fantasy. Problems present themselves every day; this means you have to solve them as they arise. Don’t wait until next week or the next planning phase. Take a proactive role to quality management.

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