Improving Total Quality Management By Improving Communications

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Communication is a key element to every business, especially when it comes to total quality management.

Business leaders constantly strive to improve their operations and services. One of the best tactics is total quality management (TQM). TQM takes a big picture approach and covers all critical areas of improvement. This system requires all team members to act responsibly and join the quality management elements.

The only way to implement TQM across all business units is through effective communication. Without conveying your message and expectations to each employer, the project fails before it even starts. There are several organizational communication methods including downward and upward communication. Melding the three strategies yield the best results.

Dominant Communication Comes From The Top

Executives are aware of the top-down approach to communications. This downward method communicates the company’s expectations, SOP, TQM strategy, and other critical operational goals. While top-down communication works well for these purposes, they don’t allow for feedback or questions.

Managers who use this formula should expect some misunderstanding unless a conversational session is included. Prevent miscommunication by detailing expectations in writing and training employees to understand protocol. Another element to this type of communication is monthly newsletters, memos, and updates to SOP manuals. They key is detail.

Upward Communication Provides Employees The Chance To Give Feedback

As with all one-sided communication, the downward approach lacks sustenance. Upward communication provides a more equitable conversation. This process allows employees to provide feedback and tell you what works or what doesn’t work. Upward communication is crucial because many upper-level managers cannot spend hours walking the floor and determining whether objectives are met.

The problem with this type of communication is information overload. When a company opens the doors to feedback, employees will communicate every problem they experience. This may seem helpful to the team, but it only adds more work for managers. Inform your team that feedback should stay within prescribed topics and minor problems should be addressed by floor supervisors.

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