3 Ways To Improve Quality In Manufacturing

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Prevent costly mistakes by improving your manufacturing quality.

Manufacturing companies strive to improve quality on a daily basis. Ensuring high-quality products is crucial to their success. But how do they realize this success? It takes practice, commitment, training, and planning to see their results come to fruition.

Commit To Quality

Quality doesn’t just happen. It isn’t realized by putting standards into effect. Realizing total quality adherence takes commitment. The father of total quality management, W. Edwards Deming, named consistency of purpose as the top element of a superior total quality management program. This means creating a company culture that focuses on nothing but the best. Everyone must be on board, from the top C-Suite executives to the midnight shift workers.

Keep Tabs On Your Mistakes

No one likes to be reminded of their mistakes, but those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. Track all mistakes, why they happened, who failed to adhere to protocols, and actions taken to correct the mistake. This helps employees – and managers – learn the definition of quality. Or mistakes teach us what is right and what is wrong. Create a template report and have managers record all noncompliance events. Don’t leave out the small mistakes. Everything adds up.

Teach Your Crew How To Avoid Mistakes

Learning from our mistakes means learning how to do it right the next time. Invest in solid training that reflects what you’ve learned. It’s great idea to teach the basics of quality management. But leaving out the common mistakes results in reliving the same disaster over again. Use the reports mentioned above to see what is common among team members. Schedule a monthly meeting or write a newsletter. Cover these common faults and explain how to overcome mistakes.

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