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3 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Government Contractor

Contracting with government agencies is a rewarding experience if you know how to navigate the numerous requirements agencies have in place.

Company leaders often want to extend their business to include government services. These contracts often come with better profits and long-term commitments. They also come with headaches. This doesn’t mean companies should avoid doing business with the government. It means they should be prepared and learn about the endless regulations before stepping into their new venture.

Establish A Successful Business

U.S. agencies contract with sole proprietorships and corporations. This means individuals and small to large businesses can receive a government contract. To benefit from the governments annual $500+ billion contractor budget, businesses must establish a reputable business and meet the agency’s long list of criteria.

Focus on quality management, ethics, company culture, and customer retention. The government is interested in your financial success but will look closer at your safety records, fines and penalties, and any quality infraction.

Earn Your Certification

Certification shows the federal government you mean business and are serious about your services and products. In many cases, agencies require certification and licensing. Research government resources to see what is required for your company.

Businesses that have managers certified in International Standards Organization (ISO) protocols and quality standards in your industry. Lean Six Sigma certification also shows you understand how to run a lean company and eliminate the six areas of resource waste.

Speak With A Consultant

Government agencies are famous for the legal requirements and red tape associated with winning a federal contract. Researching the do’s and don’ts can take weeks, and you still may miss very important rules. Hiring a consultant who specializes in government contracts will help you avoid the pitfalls other businesses face.

Consultants not only know the current laws and regulations, they stay abreast of developing and proposed regulations. These experts also will guide you through the strategies and skills needed to improve your chance of winning a lucrative contract.

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